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Culman, Alabama lost foster dog found with help of pet psychic animal communicator and frayed rope c

Lee Ann volunteers to rescue dogs, rehabilitate them and find them foster homes. As all dog rescue volunteers know, many things can go wrong when a rescue dog goes to a forever home. Despite all the instructions to the new dog owners, some new dog owners fail to understand that their new pet can be skittish and are a high flight risk if left alone for even a minute in their yard or if a gate is accidentally left open or a fence can be jumped over or dug under.

What's worse is that many times if a new dog does escape or go missing, some new pet owners don't make a serious effort to find their missing pet, possibly because they think the missing pet is too much work or they don't have the time or the resources.

Sadly, as a lost pet psychic and animal communicator, I hear many stories of how the new dog or cat went missing but the new pet owner fails to search for the missing pet. In these cases, somehow the rescue volunteer calls to check up on the newly adopted pet, only to find out that the pet went missing - sometimes quite long ago. It can be a very frustrating experience for the pet rescue volunteer who has put so much time and effort into rehabilitating the pet, getting necessary health care for the pet and finally trying to find a good home for the pet. This kind of situation happens more often than we would hope.

Lee Ann contacted me because she had found a new home for Cooper. A week later when she called the new owner to check up on Cooper's progress at his new forever home, it turned out that Cooper had been left out in the yard and escaped through gaps in the fenced yard.

Although Lee Ann lives more than an hour drive away, she immediately went looking for Cooper. There were several sightings of Cooper, but none of them were confirmed and the sightings were in various locations.

When I communicated with Cooper, I found out that he felt safest in box shaped objects and he had been sleeping underneath a brownish shed that had a frayed rope hanging near it. The shed had a bunch of dead plants or mulch in it. Cooper liked sleeping in the shed because there was a strange box shaped object in the shed where Cooper could feel safe and sleep. Cooper showed me that the shed was next to a bunch of bushes and brambles that had what looked like some bean shaped leaves or pods hanging down. Cooper could see a grayish white home and also there was a home that was cross between tan and orange colored nearby.

When I described the area to Lee Ann she said that she kind of remembered seeing someplace similar during her previous search, so she would go check it out again, but this time more thoroughly.

Thankfully, Lee Ann found the frayed dangling rope , the brown shed with a box inside (which turned out to be an old frame of a portable air conditioner,) the hanging bean shaped pods, the grayish white home and the home that was a cross between tan and orange (which turned out to be a light salmonish tan color,) and all of the bushes and brambles.

Lee Ann left out a humane dog trap and caught Cooper!

Lee Ann called to tell me the great news! Cooper was back at her home. He was a little bit skinnier, but he was alive. Lee Ann sent me pictures and an update.

Lee Ann of Culman, Alabama writes:

"If it had not been for you telling me where to go, I would not have found him. You were right. I found where the bushes had been walked over. The box is an air conditioning box frame. You said he was near pole beans that hang down.

I knew you were onto something when you said Cooper felt safe in boxes. Cooper was (previously) rescued from a hoarding situation and was found inside a box."

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