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In Honor of Pi. Mesquite, New Mexico. Cat owner finds closure for her cat in spirit.

Lyn of Mesquite, new Mexico decided to contact a pet psychic animal communicator to help locate her wonderful cat Pi. Pi had been missing for two days which was extremely unusual. Pi is the type of cat who would not miss an opportunity to help Lin with all of her projects, tarot readings and daily activities.

When I communicated with Pi, she showed me that unfortunately, she had crossed over. Pi showed me that she had been suddenly been grabbed by an animal while she was in the neighbor's yard. However, Pi showed me that she is a cat spirit with such a strong will, that she did not want to believe that something could have happened to take her away from Lyn and the life that Pi loved. Pis showed me that she would be with Lin if she could find anyway to make it happen.

I wanted to let everyone know that while not all owners do find their missing pets, many pet owner's find thoughtful ways to keep the memories and spirits of their pets in their lives. Lyn has made a wonderful mandala in honor of Pi. Pi is now affectionately called, "Pi in the Sky."

Lyn of Mesquite, New Mexico wrote this heart felt review:

"I have come to terms with my heart…I know my Pi girl is gone. She was a tiny little thing…no match for a skilled hunter coyote.

Anyway…thank you again. You are such a special gift to the world. Your work is amazing! Our beloved pets are so precious…not easy to lose them."

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