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Animal Communicator helps locate lost Pit Bull dog in Gulf Port, Florida. Owner is amazed. Gives glo

Cari or Gulf Port, Florida decided to contact an animal communicator pet psychic to help locate her lost Pit Bull Calvin. Calvin had run out an open door 3 days prior. Since then, there had been no sightings. Cari worried that because Calvin is such a happy and friendly dog that someone had picked him up and decided to keep him or Calvin had followed the scent of another animal and might get hit by a car.

When I communicated with Calvin, he let me know that he was about 1/2 mile from Cari's home, near a man who was about 20 years old who wears a baseball hat, near some construction tools and a tarp, near a play field or open area and near an beige building. I suggested that Cari look near construction sites and playgrounds.

Cari said the news that Calvin was alive gave her hope!

Thankfully, Cari wrote the testimonial below to share the good news. (This testimonial has been edited for length reasons.)

"Everything you said was true. He was farther away than you said. We plastered posters within a 6 mile radius. Someone called us. They saw Calvin at a neighbor's house. We went there. He was with a group of contractors like you said. The contractors reported that Calvin had been hanging around their work site. They liked Calvin so much they had even given him a new name and were planning on keeping him."

One of the things I have learned from working with lost animals is that time is of the essence. Unfortunately, some people have a "finders, keepers" attitude about pets they encounter and others may think they are doing a good thing by rescuing a stray and taking the pet off the streets. Getting the word out on posters, Facebook and contacting a pet psychic animal communicator as soon as possible are important.

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