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Bamberg, South Carolina lost dachshund dog found with help of pet psychic animal communicator.

Rhonda of Bamberg, South Carolina contacted me when her sweet dachshund dog Mocha went missing. Rhonda had been looking in for Mocha for 3 days. There had been no sightings of Mocha. Rhonda decided that because she had tried everything else, why not contact a pet psychic and animal communicator.

When I communicated with Mocha, she shared that, thankfully, she was alive and on a farm with a grey utility building and a few other details. Rhonda said that she knew the place that Mocha described which was in the opposite direction that Rhonda had been looking for Mocha.

One day later, Rhonda called me to share good news! Mocha had been found in that same area as the farm that Mocha described.

Rhonda of Bamberg, South Carolina messaged, "Special thanks for helping us get her home."

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