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When a cat escapes from his carrier at the animal clinic, no one is happy! Pet psychic helps family

One of many cat owner's nightmares is that their cat might escape from their cat carrier at the animal clinic's office. It happens more times than you would think despite how securely the carrier is locked. One of my responsibilities as a pet psychic is to help coax scared missing animals to come out of hiding. Another part of my job is to coach people on the best way to not frighten their already scared missing pets even more by their search efforts.

Anthony of Davenport, Florida contacted me because his cat Cry Baby Tiger had been so upset about being in the cat carrier, the car ride and the prospect of a visit to the animal clinic that he some how broke the carrier lock and ran off without a glance back at Anthony. Cry Baby Tiger had been missing for a day and not made a peep of sound or showed his face since.

When I communicated with Tiger he let me know that he had gone into the nearby woods but, then he had come back around and was hiding near the animal clinic parking lot. Cry Baby Tiger showed me that he really wanted to come out of hiding, but he was very hesitant. He wanted Anthony and his family to just relax so that Cry Baby Tiger could relax too.

I suggested that Anthony and his wife stop looking for a while to give Cry Baby Tiger a moment to collect his courage.

Anthony of Davenport, Florida writes:

"Good morning Hilary. Astonishing turn of events. After your communication with Cry Baby Tiger, he must have sensed it was alright to go

home. And that we meant him no harm; just love. My wife and were leaving the house at 6:30am to go to work. The look on his face was: "Heh, am I still wanted here?" We made a big fuss and gave him 2 cans of food with dry food mixed in. Thank you so much for your timely intervention with your remarkable gift."

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