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Missing kitten in Tavaras, Florida found after 5 months! Pet Psychic's description of missing ki

Mary Ann contacted a pet psychic because saw a missing kitten poster and wanted to help her neighbor find her kitten. Mary Ann's neighbor had taken “Baby” a stray kitten to a clinic to get spayed. Unfortunately, somehow Baby got out of her carrier in the clinic parking lot and ran away. There had been no sightings of Baby for four weeks. Mary Ann was concerned for Baby's health, especially because Baby went missing in an unfamiliar area.

I communicated with Baby. She showed me images of hiding near a beige colored restaurant or diner with several women who worked there. There was a garbage can near by and Baby had been scrounging food nearby. Mary Ann found two nearby restaurants that fit that description, but was not able to find Baby despite her best efforts. However, Mary Ann did not give up easily and kept looking.

Thankfully, Mary Ann wrote to share the good news about Baby four months later. Baby was alive and had been hiding near a beige colored restaurant! I am guessing that Baby was so frightened that whole time that she was only coming out at night to search for food, but gradually started to feel more confident around the restaurant workers and diners as time went on.

Mary Ann of Tavaras, Florida writes:

“Hi Hillary. I just wanted to update you on a lost cat case you worked with me on. February 28th, Baby escaped her carrier after being spayed. She was only 4 months old and in a strange to her area. You gave me a detailed description of where she may be. After 2 long months of looking and setting out traps, nothing! I never could figure out where your descriptions were trying to lead me. Well, here is the follow up....only July 5th, someone visiting the area posted a pic on a local cat Facebook site of a young cat that was hanging out at the restaurant she was dining at. I couldn't believe it! It was Baby. She was exactly where you described she would be. So 5 months later, Baby has been reunited with her owner. Just wanted to let you know the ending! Mary Ann”

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