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In Memorial to Gracie the sweet cat of Huber Heights Ohio. An owner finds closure with help of anima

Gracie was a very sweet, indoor cat who will always be loved by Phyllis of Huber Heights, Ohio. Unfortunately, Gracie managed to get out a screened bedroom window frame on 5/7/19. All Phyllis wanted to do was bring Gracie home safely. Unfortunately, Phyllis found Gracie's body on 6/24/19. It felt to Phyllis like tragedy, especially because Phyllis went out looking for Gracie every day and it turned out that Gracie had only been 3 homes away from Phyllis' home.

Phyllis contacted me soon after Gracie went missing. When I communicated with Gracie, she told me that she was scared and hiding in some boxes about 3 homes away from Phyllis's home. Gracie shared that she was so scared that she was too afraid to come out of hiding or respond when Phyllis called for her. Phyllis knew the place that Gracie described, it is a home with a lot of things in the yard, but Phyllis reported that she would have a hard time getting into that yard.

Sadly, Phyllis found Gracie in the area where I had described. Unfortunately, by the time that Phyllis was able to get to Gracie, she had passed over into the spirit world.

Phyllis sent me pictures of the area that Gracie was located among the boxes and junk 3 houses away where I had said Gracie was hiding. She also sent pictures of a memorial stone she had made in Gracie's honor. Although Phyllis is very sad at the outcome, she is glad that she found Gracie's body for closure.

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