Missing hedgehog in Springville, Utah found with help of Animal Communicator.

July 24, 2019


Emily of Springville, Utah contacted me because somehow between when she took her pet hedgehog Hazel out of the veterinarian's office and when she arrived at her home, Hazel had gone missing. Emily wondered if Hazel had somehow gotten out in the parking lot of the veterinarian's office, or in the driveway of her home or inside her garage or another location. Emily was worried for Hazel's health because she had recently had eye surgery. Emily thought contacting an animal communicator might help her locate Hazel.


When I communicated with Hazel, she told me that she was alive, she was inside something soft, she had not gone more than 15 feet from where she got out, she was in a dark area but she could see light.


Emily returned to her search. Later that evening, I received good news. Hazel had been found in their garage, she had crawled inside a soft blanket and had been sleeping.

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