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Lost Golden Retriever puppy found with help of Animal Communicator.

Jeannine's rambunctious Golden Retriever puppy Nova ran off from a trail while on a walk with a dog walker in huge park. 24 hours had passed and their had been no sightings of Nova. Jeannine had already tried alerting social media, calling animal control, veterinarian offices and searching nearby.

Part of the problem was that the park area was so vast that it was hard to search on foot. The other part of the problem was that Nova might have left the park and that spending her time looking in the park might be a waste of valuable daylight search time. Jeannine decided she needed to know how far Nova had traveled and where to begin her search. That is when she decided to contact an Animal Communicator to narrow down her search area to a more manageable size.

When I contacted Nova, she let me know that she was alive and lost. Nova shared that she was within 1 mile of the place where she last saw the dog walker and she was still in the park area where she went missing. Nova remembered going through some bushes and then ending up in a ravine. She also shared that she was near the door of a tan colored home and that she was near a hill.

Later that day, Jeannine texted to let me know that Nova had been found in a ravine in the park close to where she went missing.

Jeannine of Harrington Park, New Jersey writes this great review:

“We found her! Not far from where she was lost and in a ravine. I can't thank you enough for your guidance."

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