Lost, Bullied Cat Found In 15 Minutes With Help Of Animal Communicator.

May 11, 2019


Whitney of Fairfax, California contacted an Animal Communicator because her cat Stormy had been missing for six days. Whitney was not sure what to think about what caused Stormy's disappearance, but she had reasons to worry including 1) there was a new neighborhood cat who had recently been known to bully other cats, 2) Stormy had been known to wander a few times in the past and he might have gotten lost, 3) it was possible Stormy could have gotten trapped in one the homes in her neighborhood.


That is when Whiteney decided to call an Animal Communicator.


When I communicated with Stormy, he told me that he was alive and hiding from the light colored cat, he was within 8 homes of their home, he was underneath a deck or porch, he was near lattice or a chain link fence and he had heard Whitney's voice several times. I also let Stormy know that Whitney was going to be coming for him soon.


When I shared with Whitney the area that Stormy had shared with me, she said that it sounded like Stormy was in the neighbor across their street's yard. Whitney said that she had been there many times in the last six days trying to find Stormy. I gave Whitney some suggestions on how to coax Stormy out of hiding.


Whitney went across the street and followed my directions. Stormy showed up 15 minutes afterwards. He had some injuries, but at least, he was alive!


Whitney of Fairfax, California called to let me know the good news:


'So happy to get Stormy back home. We are glad he is alive.”

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