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Lost cat in Clifton, New Jersey found with help of animal communicator. Cat owner is happy that her

Mary Ann of Clifton, New Jersey contacted me because her indoor only cat Dottie had gone missing. Mary Ann was not sure how Dottie had gotten outside. But, Mary Ann had thoroughly searched her own house and the surrounding neighborhood for three days so she decided to contact an animal communicator.

When I communicated with Dottie, she showed me that she was about two to three blocks away from Mary Ann's house, she was next to a white house with brown trim, there was a man who came outside and smoked cigarettes on a gray colored patio. Sadly, Dottie was afraid of the man and everyone else so she was too afraid to find her way home.

Thankfully, Mary Ann was able to find the white house with brown trim and the man who smoked cigarettes. Mary Ann coaxed Dottie out of hiding and brought her home just in time for Thanksgiving!

Mary Ann of Clifton, New Jersey writes:

“Dottie was found in the area you described. She was at a white house with brown trim and a smoker at the house. Thank you! You can use my name and Dottie's picture.”

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