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When one animal communicator helps another find a lost pet. Lost senior aged cat with health issues

Dana of Tuscon, Arizona contacted me because her cat Della had been missing for a day. Although Dana is an animal communicator as well, it can be difficult to communicate with your own pets in a crisis situation. One of my favorite phrases is “Doctors should not operate on their own families,” so a wise animal communicator knows that it can be difficult to communicate with his or her own missing pets. Another favorite phrase you may have heard is “A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Dana is no fool and so she knew to reach out when her missing. Dana was especially concerned for Della's well being because Della had renal failure issues, poor vision, occasional dementia, memory problems and Della had not been feeling well lately.

I was concerned that I might not be able to find out where Della was located if Della had eyesight problems, but it turned out that Della had a pretty good idea of where she was located in relation to their home despite her lack of vision.

Della shared with me that she was still alive (hooray!) 1 home away, at an angle from Dana's home and hiding under a beige home.

Thankfully, Dana was able to email me that Della was exactly in the location described.

Sometimes even animal communicators need a second opinion when their own pet is involved.

Dana of Tuscon, Arizona writes:

“Thanks for the quick response and excellent work!”

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