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Downey, California lost cat found with help of pet psychic. Found cat comes home and immediately si

Natalie of Downey, California contacted me because her beloved indoor only cat Berlioz had been missing for three days. Natalie had tried everything she could think of to locate Berlioz. She was especially worried because of Berlioz's inexperience outdoors and because of the coyotes in their area.

Natalie decided to call a pet psychic and, after some online research, she called me.

When I communicated with Berlioz, he shared that he was fine, but he had been scared because he had been attacked by a neighborhood cat. Berlioz had gone into deep hiding. Berlioz had gone three houses away from Natalie's house, he was hiding by a beige home, he was near a fence, he was hiding underneath something and he could see dappled light on the ground in front of him. Berlioz shared that he was very scared of the other cat who might be still lurking about to ambush Berlioz if he came out of hiding. Berlioz also shared that he was so scared, he was not even listening for Natalie's voice. All Berlioz could do at the moment was hide and hope for the best.

I called Natalie and shared the information that Berlioz had shared with me as well as some tips on how Natalie should approach Berlioz as to not spook him into further hiding. Thankfully, Natalie knew exactly the area Berlioz described and went out and found him immediately!

As you can see in the picture, Berlioz is home and happy again. Natalie took down all of the “lost pet posters” that Natalie had previously posted all over her neighborhood and put them in a pile. Berlioz triumphantly sat down on top of the posters like he was the king of the world again as if he was signaling that was the end of that big adventure. Everyone had a big laugh at how proud Berlioz looked atop the papers as if he had just conquered the world.

One of the things that is so amazing about cats like Berlioz and many other formerly lost cats that I have encountered is how fast their behaviors can change. One moment a lost cat can be totally scared and in “survival mode” behaviors. However, once the cat is safe at home, within minutes that cat is back to his normal “not a care in the world” behavior. To look at that cat who just arrived home, you might never guess he had been terrified just moments before! Berlioz sitting atop the crumpled lost pet posters as if he was the king of the world is a great example of how fast a cat's behavior can go from scared to predatory to fun-loving!

Natalie of Downey, California writes:

“Thank you once again for helping me find my baby. Everything was exactly as the pointers you gave us and we cannot thank you enough!”

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