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Closure for owner of lost dog in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Animal Communicator helps owner understand

As an Animal Communicator for lost pets, one of the hardest questions I ask an animal is, “Are you alive?” That is often the highest priority question with most clients. I frequently get calls from clients who have talked to other animal communicators who will not do lost pet cases because this is a very difficult question to ask and the emotional response from clients can vary from grateful to spiteful. Some clients when told their pet has crossed over find relief that their beloved pet is not suffering, some feel guilty, some are skeptical, some had an intuitive feeling that their pet might be dead, but wanted confirmation for their intuition. One of the things I have learned is that there is no one right way to grieve.

Heidi of Langhorne, Pennsylvania contacted me when her dog Gia took off from an off-leash dog park. Gia had been missing for a week. Heidi wondered if someone had taken Gia into their home because Gia was such a friendly dog.

Unfortunately, when I communicated with Gia, she showed me that she was unconscious or had crossed over into the spirit world. She showed me that she was out exploring and that something had unexpectedly hit her and that she remembered becoming unconscious at that moment. Gia showed me that she would be with Heidi if she could. Gia showed me that when she was unexpectedly hit, she was near woods, a pile of rocks, a metal box or building, some metal posts, some trees and she had recently seen a man walking with a German Shepard near by.

This was not the news that Heidi had hoped to hear, but she was glad to know that Gia was not suffering.

Two weeks later, Heidi got a call that Gia's body had been found by the railroad tracks.

Heidi of Langhorne, Pennsylvania writes:

“We found Gia about two weeks later. She was hit by a train and thrown down a hill. Right there was a metal closet type of building and stones in a big pile. It was in the yard of a cement company. You were spot on. You made me a believer. I thank you. It kept me from having too much hope and wasn't a surprise when we got the call.”

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