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Animal Communicator helps locate lost cat in Los Angeles, California. Cat found in unexpected hiding

Stephanie of Los Angeles, California is well aware of the danger of coyotes to outdoor cats in her area. When she came home to find her cat Cooper missing and after a thorough search of her house and yard, she wondered if he had managed to slip outside unnoticed when she left earlier that day. That made her concerned Cooper, who had no street smarts, would come in harm's way with the local coyotes.

Stephanie thought she would rather be safe than sorry. Twelve years ago she had used my services to help locate her missing dog, so she thought to call me immediately to help locate missing Cooper.

When I communicated with Cooper he showed me that he had, thankfully, not gone outside. Instead he was hiding in a cupboard behind something in Stephanie's home. It was dark where he was hiding and it felt safe there. Cooper relayed to me that he had heard Stephanie's voice but that he was feeling reluctant to come out of hiding, especially since he could sense that Stephanie and her family were feeling anxious.

Sure enough, Stephanie took another look in her cupboard and there was Cooper. Stephanie took a picture of the cupboard where Cooper was hiding. When you look at the picture, you might think it would have been easy to spot Cooper the first time Stephanie looked but, one thing I have learned is that one of the domestic cat's “superpowers” is the ability to hide from humans and remain so still they are hard to notice.

Stephanie of Los Angeles, California writes:

“We found him. Exactly what he described to you!"

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