Fort Wayne, Indiana missing dog found with help of rescue group and animal communicator.

October 3, 2018


Sheryl of Indiana fosters and re-homes dogs.  She found a forever home for Mack the Chiweenie dog in Fort Wayne.  


Sadly, Mack was skittish and ran away while his new owner took Mack on a walk.


Sheryl found out a week later and was concerned for Mack's safety.  Sheryl is very social media savvy and had put up many internet lost pet fliers on Facebook and other sites, she had also scoured the neighborhood where Mack was last seen to no avail.


Sheryl got a referral to me from a friend and decided to give it a try.


When I communicated with Mack he showed me he was about 6 to 12 blocks away from where he ran away from his owner.  He had been roaming within that 6 to 12 block perimeter.  He was scared.  He saw black pipes, a ladder, an off-white building, a man wearing baggy pants doing some kind of work, a line of trees in the distance and there was a dumpster containing greasy smelling old food close by.


Sheryl was able to find the area Mack described and set up a trap there.  


Thankfully, Mack was caught in the trap and brought  home not long afterwards.


Sheryl of Indiana writes:


"We had a report of a sighting so we set up a live trap at 1 am this morning and he was in the trap when we checked it at 5 am. The report was that he was in the tree line and would come out for food but would run away if approached. They said the last couple of days, he would sit out in the middle of the grassy area.


We think that you communicating with him may have caused him to be more visible since he knew we were looking.


On the other side of the tree line is a construction site and trailer. I am sending pictures of the site so you can see that you were correct in a lot of what you picked up on from Mack.  There are black pipes (hoses) and green hoses; ladder like equipment; the off white building; the fact it was a site office means that food was probably in there; people would be taking things in and out, etc. A block away is a strip mall with several restaurants and food dumpsters and a grease dumpster.


He was found about 1.5 miles from where he got lost, so he was within the 6 to 12 blocks."

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