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Shoreline, Washington trapped cat in hole is rescued with help of pet psychic.

Anna contacted me because her cat Hans had gone missing the day before her vacation started. Anna and her fiance had delayed their trip because Hans was the kind of cat that always came home for dinner and affection.

When I contacted Hans, at first he showed me that he had gotten into a fight with a raccoon and that he was hiding in a hole close to Anna's home. Hans was sure that he could manage to get out of the hole because Hans seemed to think he could overcome any obstacle. When I shared Hans' optimism with Anna, she laughed and said it sure sounded like something Hans would say if he could talk out loud.

Anna was not able to find Hans right away. After two more days, Anna had gotten increasingly worried about Hans so she contacted me again in the hopes that maybe Hans would remember more about his location.

When I communicated with Hans, he showed me the image of a basketball and a soccer ball and the image of bushes nearby.

Anna went looking for Hans again. By this time, many of Anna's neighbors had joined the search. Anna saw both the basketball and the soccer ball on a terraced property about one block away from Anna's home. Then she heard a little noise. Then she saw the hole which was made of slick PVC pile encased in concrete. Hans was wedged in the slick hole so deep that there was no way that he could have shimmed back up to the top by himself.

Anna's fiance was able to pull Hans out of the pipe. Hans was sick, skinny and dirty, but, he was still alive! Anna was glad she had been able to rescue Hans because she was sure he would have died of dehydration in the pipe if he had not had help getting out. It would have been a terrible way for Hans to die.

The picture is of Hans after his bath. He was so skinny!

Anna of Shoreline, Washington writes:

"It was a horrible situation and he would have died for sure if we did not find him. Your insights helped us tremendously! I would have never thought to go looking for Hans in that direction."

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