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Perry Hall, Maryland missing cat found with help of pet psychic.

Carol of Perry Hall, Maryland contacted a pet psychic because her cat Boh had gone outside on Christmas eve and not returned. It had been 8 days. A search and rescue dog had tracked Boh to a nearby drainage ditch, but the trail stopped there and Boh was still no where to be seen.

When I communicated with Boh, he shared that he had been bitten by some kind of bug and was having a toxic reaction. He was hiding out and in "survival mode." That meant he did not want to be found by anyone because the toxic inflammation was making him vulnerable.

Boh showed me that he was next to a brown home close to the drainage ditch, he was in some bushes and he had heard Carol's voice.

I made some suggestions to Carol to help coax Boh out of hiding. It took a little while, but Boh came home several days later!

Carol called me triumphantly to share the great news.

Carol of Perry Hall, Maryland writes:

"Thank you Hilary, just knowing Boh was alive was a great gift! It was so bitter cold, I was worried that maybe he had passed."

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