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Lost Buford, Georgia long haired mini Dachshund dog found with help of pet psychic before owner give

Debra of Buford, Georgia's "fur baby" Simon was missing. How it happened is a bit of a long story, but basically, Deborah had allowed an out of town couple to drive Simon about an hour and a half from Debra's home so that Simon could be used as a stud dog. Unfortunately, the couple stopped at a highway rest stop, Simon jumped out of the car, the couple chased Simon and he ran away.

Debra and her friends had thoroughly searched the area and come up with nothing. Debra shared that she had put up a web cam in the area, but Simon had not once been caught on video.

Deborah was beside herself with worry because the rest stop area has many predators including coyotes, hawks and other creatures. There a busy highway nearby which posed another danger to Simon.

When I communicated with Simon, he told me was alive! He was near a construction site with various tools, a dumpster and loud noises. Simon had seen men wearing torn t-shirts, head phones and ear protectors. He thought he was about 2 miles away from the rest area.

Deborah was really happy to hear the good news about Simon.

Deborah and a search party went back to the area and found Simon at a welding school close to the rest stop where Simon went missing.

Debra of Buford, Georgia writes:

"You gave me chills! Everything you said was right there. You said a construction site, it actually was a welding school where men wore head protectors, eye goggles and torn t-shirts. The only thing that you said that was wrong was the distance. He was not 2 miles away from the rest stop, he was just across the street but he could have been traveling 1 or 2 miles each day and come back in a circle."

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