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Lost Atlanta, Georgia Dachshund dog found with help of pet psychic and the smell of meatballs.

Laura of Atlanta, Georgia called me because her timid Dachshund dog Cali had become spooked and slipped her harness while they were walking home from their neighborhood Paper Source store. Cali had run back toward the store. Laura and her friend lost sight of Cali near the congested valet parking area. Then there had been no sightings of Cali for two long days. Laura decided that the reason for no sightings was there was a large chance that Cali might have been hit by a car. Laura wanted to know if that was the case so she contacted me to find out if Cali was even alive.

When I communicated with Cali she showed me that she had seen a man carrying a large box and that frightened her timid sensibilities even more. Cali ran over between 2 buildings. One of the buildings smelled like browned meat with a sweet sauce. Cali both felt stuck in between the buildings and also had been smelling the meat and wanted someone to give her some. She had been hiding in between the buildings for a day or more thinking about coming out to get the meat, but too afraid to do so.

I called Laura to tell her the good news and share the information about Cali's location. When I got Laura on the phone, she was pretty excited and said there had been a sighting of Cali. I said, “Was it next to a restaurant that serves browned meat with a sweet sauce?” Laura said, “That is incredible. She is right next to an Italian restaurant that serves meatballs with sauce!

Thankfully, Laura's husband was able to pull Cali out from between the buildings.

I actually think it was the smell of meatballs that saved Cali from getting hit by a car in that densely populated area. If Cali had not been rooted to her her hiding place because of the strong food smell, she might have taken off again and gotten hit by one of the many cars in the area.

Laura of Atlanta, Georgia writes:

"Thank you again... I truly feel like you helped so much."

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