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Camano Island, Washington missing cat found with help of Animal Communicator. Cat owner gets goosebu

Denise of Camano Island, Washington contacted me because her cat JJ had escaped by pushing open a bathroom window. Denise had locked her cats in the bathroom while she was in the process of moving furniture, but, that small obstacle had not deterred JJ from getting out.

Denise contacted me because there was another cat in the neighborhood who bullied all of the other cats. Denise was afraid the reason JJ had not yet returned home was he was being bullied too. To make matters worse, Denise was in a time crunch to move and needed to find JJ soon.

When I communicated with JJ he showed me was alive, 2 homes away from Denise's home, hiding under a short porch of a white home with scroll work on the porch, there was a girl with long dark hair and a man with very short hair or a bald head, a person wearing baggy pants carrying a vacuum cleaner near by. JJ was also terrified of the other cat and was refusing to come out for anyone.

Denise of Camano Island, Washington writes:

“I had never called a psychic before and had zero experience. I got goose bumps when I found where JJ was hiding! Everything Hilary described was accurate. We live in such a rural area, there is no way Hilary could have seen those things on a Google map. The man with the bald head is a relative, the mom was wearing baggy sweat pants, the little girl has long dark hair. They live in white home 2 doors away and it has scroll work on the porch! "

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