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Polson, Montana lost cat found with help of Animal Communicator.

Denyse of Polson, Montana shared that she was really happy after she talked to me about her missing cat Bibi Joli's location and current health. First, because Denyse lives in a semi-rural area where there are many predators who could have taken Bibi Joli, Denyse was very happy to learn Bibi Joli was alive! Second, Denyse was very happy to find Bibi Joli by following the information I provided about Bibi Joli's hiding place.

Bibi Joli had shared with me that she had gone past an ant hill, then a fallen tree on the ground, then past a short wall or fence, and come to some loose boards laying on the ground near a bucket and some tools.

Denyse of Polson, Montana writes:

"Bibi Joli is really happy to be home!

Everything you said was true! The fallen tree, the swarm of ants, the tools and piled boards. They were right on my property!"

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