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Pepper Pike, Ohio missing cat found in unlikely place with help of Animal Communicator.

Ann of Pepper Pike, Ohio contacted me twice in 2 weeks. Both times I was able to help locate her timid cat Sugar Wooga Mooga. The second time Sugar Wooga Mooga went missing was the most baffling to both Ann and myself.

Ann had just returned home from a vacation. She brought Sugar Wooga Mooga inside and started to unpack. Four hours later Ann noticed Sugar Wooga Mooga was missing. Ann remembered the door had been open for a short time and feared Sugar Wooga Mooga had escaped again! Ann's thorough search of her home and property did not help find Sugar Wooga Mooga. Ann called me late at night as she was worried Sugar Wooga Mooga was very cold outdoors and hiding.

When I communicated with Sugar Wooga Mooga, she told me she was alive, up high, next to a closed door, warm and sitting on something slick in a dark area.

Ann was baffled as to where that might be in her home and searched again near all of the doors in her home. Finally, she went up to her second story and opened a closed linen closet. Somehow, Sugar Wooga Mooga had gotten herself locked inside the closed linen closet. Sugar was sitting warm and comfortably on a slick sleeping bag inside the dark closet.

Ann and I were never able to figure out how Sugar Wooga Mooga was able to lock herself inside the closet. No one else was in Ann's home who could have shut the closet door. Sugar Wooga Mooga We both can guess, but that unsolved mystery is for Sugar Wooga Mooga to know and for us to find out.

Ann of Pepper Pike, Ohio writes:

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