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Bloomington, Indiana lost kitten found in 10 minutes by Animal Communicator

Sarah of Bloomington, Indiana contacted me because her adventurous kitten Steve went missing. Sarah told me that she had been looking everywhere for Steve for 2 days without success. She was worried something dreadful had happened to Steve, but wanted to know, if that was the case.

When I communicated with Steve he showed me that he had gone into the neighbor's yard, then gone toward some trees, then gone inside a light grey shed, seen a bunch of spiders and some tools. Steve reported that he was both having fun chasing spiders but, also not able to figure out how to get out of the shed.

When I reported Steve's location to Sarah, she had her husband go over and ask their neighbor to open his light colored grey shed. The neighbor opened the shed door and there was Steve. Steve was a little dirty, but fine otherwise.

Sarah of Bloomington, Indiana writes:

"Hilary, I want to thank you so much for your services last night. Your VERY accurate service! Everything you told me lead me exactly to Steve! He was located next door behind some trees in a very light colored grey shed. My neighbor opened up the shed to get some tools and Steve popped out! My husband went over there to ask to look through their shed and that's when they told us they had found him in their shed! Here is a picture of a very happy Steve at home!"

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