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Dog escapes from Massachusetts inn. Dog is found with the help of animal communicator.

Shelia B of Falmouth, MA contacted me when the worst thing happened. She left her elderly dog Cody at a pet friendly inn with the hopes that he would be safe and well-tended, but Cody somehow managed to escape.

Cody had been missing for a week when Sheila contacted me. Sheila's family thought she was crazy for contacting an animal communicator, but Sheila hoped it might help and Sheila was very worried for Cody's safety. Although there had been several sightings of Cody, the sightings were a several miles from each other including areas where coyotes and other predatory animals live.

When I communicated with Cody, he shared that he was near a remodeling site, there were two men wearing hard hats, a bunch of trees nearby and water was nearby. Unfortunately, Cody shared that he was lost and frightened but that he wanted to go home.

When I shared with Sheila that Cody was alive, she said it made her all the more determined that she could find Cody, even if it took a long time.

Sheila did find the construction area near trees and water that Cody shared and the men wearing the hard hats. The men reported seeing Cody but Cody ran off. Sheila’s brother searched the area near the construction site and found Cody!

Sheila of Falmouth, MA writes:

You are the real deal! You were really helpful. People thought I had lost my mind for contacting a psychic. My sister said, “You did what!” when I told her I had called you.

You made a huge difference to me. I could tell that you meant it when you said Cody was alive. It made me all the more determined to find him.

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