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Las Vegas, Nevada lost dogs found with the help of animal communicator. Skeptical owners are pleasan

Dustin of Las Vegas, Nevada contacted me because his dogs Dolce and Gabbana went missing from his back yard. Because Dolce and Gabbana are so cute, Dustin worried that someone might have stolen them.

When I communicated with Dolce and Gabbana they told me some interesting news. They reported somehow getting to the parking area of Dustin's gated community, then crossing a street and being picked up by a man with a bald head and an Asian woman. The dogs said the couple were treating them well and giving them treats.

When I shared this with Dustin, he thought it might explain why he had not been able to locate Dolce and Gabbana. But, Dustin said there was no way to get into the condos across the street because they are part of a gated community.

Dustin put signs up all over outside of the gated community. Thankfully, a couple came forward with Dolce and Gabbana. The couple fit the description Dolce and Gabbana had provided, a man with a bald head and an Asian woman. The couple said they found Dolce and Gabbana wandering in their parking area and wondered if someone had just dumped them there.

Dustin of Las Vegas, Nevada writes:

"Hey Hilary, The dogs are doing wonderful and I cannot thank you enough. They took that exact route and ended up in the exact area that you said they went. The husband and wife who had them fit the description to a 't' and we are so happy. We were both a bit skeptical at first, but you truly made a believer out of us. Your care and concern came through your voice, and you made me feel really comfortable. The joy that you have caused us is indescribable, and no amount of money could ever repay you. You have a great, amazing power and it gives people a second chance. I attached some pictures of Dolce and Gabbana for you, and I wish you continued success."

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