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Kapaa, Hawaii missing semi-feral cat recovered with help of pet medium.

Margaret of Kapaa, Hawaii contacted me when her feral cat Rosy went missing.

Margaret documented her experience using the help of a pet medium below.

"Rosy was a feral cat who was supposed to go back to her colony, but who got loose in my yard. She managed to have a litter of kittens before I caught her and had her (and her kittens) spayed. One day she disappeared, and after several days I got worried, and called Hilary. Hilary told me Rosy was very ill, and hiding a few houses away. She had seen the man who lived in the house walking to and from his car with a guitar and sheet music. Rosie had also heard the guitar. I walked around the neighborhood, and asked a neighbor if he new anyone who played guitar using sheet music. He told me his tenant did, so I went to the home and called for Rosy. She came home the next morning, looking much thinner, but happily home. I believe that hearing me call her, gave her the strength to make it home."

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