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Ashland, Oregon missing cat found with help of animal communicator

Diane of Ashland, Oregon contacted me because her cat Luna had been missing for a week. Diane had tried everything she could think of including posters, walking her neighborhood, knocking on doors and contacting the animal shelter. Diane decided to call me on the recommendation of a friend.

When I communicated with Luna, she shared that she had been frightened by a big aggressive neighborhood cat and had fled blocks away from her home. Luna shared with me that she was near a beige home with big window, a fence with a bird decoration on it, dolls in the yard and chickens.

When I shared Luna's information with Diane, she remembered seeing a home with dolls and chickens in the yard on her search for Luna but she could not remember exactly where that home was located.

Diane found the home with chickens, the fence with the bird decoration and the dolls in the yard. Diane did not see Luna immediately, but Diane left her scent with the hopes that it would provide comfort for Luna. Luna returned home that evening!

Diane of Ashland, Oregon writes:

"Hilary, Thank you so very much. Luna returned tonight, scared and hungry. She came to the cat door and i saw her through the flap but she seemed afraid to enter. Then i ooened the door and she came in still a bit afraid. She was very vocal for the first few minutes telling me the harrowing story. After the first few bites of food, she could not decide between eating and petting, alternating for quite some time. I can't see any injuries, she has a tick and some twigs in her fur, but looks OK, fur all right and not as thin as I would expect for being gone so long. The last time she was missing for this length of time she was much thinner. Your contact helped me to stay with it knowing she was not dead and that it was something that made sense in her cat world that impelled her. I can't thank you enough, your gift is a blessing.

Diana and Luna thank you."

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