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A Skeptic becomes a believer in animal communication when a pet psychic provides real details to fin

Sarah of Seattle, Washington contacted me because her cat Emma had been missing for three days. Sarah mentioned that she had always wanted to believe animal communication could be real, but she also had her doubts.

When I communicated with missing cat Emma, Emma showed me that she was hiding in a neighbor's yard on Sarah's block. Emma could see something with three wheels next to where Emma was hiding. Emma knew her way home and had heard Sarah calling her but she was too afraid to come out of hiding.

Sarah called me back later to know that she had found Emma right where I indicated. There was a Big Wheel child's three wheeled toy in the yard next to Sarah's. She called out for Emma there and Emma came out of hiding!

Sarah also shared that the session had made her a believer in the ability to communicate with animals now that she had the real proof. There was no way that I could have known that there was a three wheel Big Wheel toy next to Emma unless I had really communicated with her cat Emma using psychic abilities.

Sarah of Seattle, Washington writes:

"My cat Emma was missing for about 3 days (She usually goes out for no more than a couple of hours at a time) so I was very concerned and called Hilary, who I found online. I was open-minded and wanted to be a believer but I needed proof. And I wanted Emma back!

Hilary described the house and location and something with 3 wheels in the yard. I went to the area HiIary described, saw a house that matched the color with a big wheel in the yard and started calling Emma’s. To my amazement I heard a meow that sounded like her and wondered if maybe I was imagining it. I kept calling her name and the neighbors who I had been talking to said “I hear her too and it’s coming from the basement!” We got in the basement and I almost thought I was dreaming when I saw a little section of a cat’s back that looked like hers between some piles of junk and old boards. It was her and we were home 10 minutes later!

I don’t think I would have found her without Hilary’s amazing help."

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