Yorktown Heights, New York missing semi-feral cat is coaxed home by animal communicator.

April 20, 2017


Cheryl of Yorktown Heights, New York contacted me because her semi-feral cat Luke had been missing for a week.  Although Luke was semi-feral and refused to come inside Cheryl's home, Luke regularly showed up on Cheryl's doorstep each day for food.  So Cheryl it was odd that Luke had been away for so long.


When I communicated with Luke, he told me that he had been frightened away by a loose neighborhood dog.  Luke told me that he was "waiting for the coast to clear" before he came out of hiding, but he also was very reluctant because he had a strong fear-based survival instinct.


When I work with lost cats and dogs that are hiding, I always try to coax them out with images of owner protecting them or images of the owner giving the hiding animals food if the animal comes out of hiding. Sometimes it works and sometimes the animals will honestly tell me that they are too afraid to come out.  


In this case, Luke showed me that he was hungry and he wanted to come home.


Luke showed up on Cheryl's porch an hour later!


Cheryl of Yorktown Heights, New York called to let me know Luke was home again.



"I have used Hilary many times to get Luke to come home.  He won't come for me but he will come out for Hilary."

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