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Culman, Alabama lost foster dog found with help of pet psychic animal communicator and frayed rope clue about his location.

May 15, 2020

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Missing Malibu Beach, California Bulldog found with help of animal communicator.

April 20, 2017


Courtney of Malibu Beach, California contacted me because her beloved Bulldog Lucy disappeared.  Courtney feared that she would never see Lucy again because Bulldogs are often the target of thieves who can easily resell the dogs in California's thriving underground flea market systems.


Surprisingly, when I communicated with Lucy, she mentioned that she had not been stolen.  Instead, she remembered falling asleep, possibly in someone's car and waking up near a dock right near the waterfront.  Lucy reported seeing people coming and going.


Courtney went down to the dock area and posted lost dog flyers all over.  The next day, a good samaritan called Courtney with good news.  Lucy had been found by the docks!


Courtney of Malibu Beach, California writes:


"We found Lucy today and I contacted you yesterday evening. The information you gave us was right where she was found!! I wanted to post my success story on the site for others!! I am referring other lost owners to you as well. Thank you and Bless!!"

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