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Culman, Alabama lost foster dog found with help of pet psychic animal communicator and frayed rope clue about his location.

May 15, 2020

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Afton, Virginia missing cat is coaxed out of hiding with help of animal communicator.

April 20, 2017



Becky of Afton, Virginia contacted me because her cat Squeaky had been missing for a week.  Because of the danger's in their area, Becky feared the worse had happened to Squeaky.  


When I communicated with Squeaky, I found out that was not the case at all.  Squeaky was afraid of Becky's other cats and was hiding just outside Becky's home.  Squeaky had heard Becky calling but, Squeaky was afraid if she came forward, Becky would take her back inside where the other cats would frighten her again.


I coached Becky on how to get Squeaky to come out of hiding and we talked about ways that Becky could help Squeaky feel safe around the other cats in the future.


Sure enough, Becky followed my instructions and was able to coax Squeaky out of hiding.


Becky of Afton, Virginia writes:


"Thanks again for your help. I have attached a picture of her in her room where she is safe from the other cats."

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