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Union City Missing Cat Found After One Month!

This is another rescue dramatic story in that after hearing the cat owner's story, I was not sure I wanted to take the case. The missing cat owner had previously had a bad experience with a pet detective while trying to locate her missing cat Simba. The cat owner had been very vocal about the failed efforts of the pet detective on social media. I was afraid that Samerah's bad experience with the pet detective would "taint the well" with me. If worried that if, even for reasons beyond my control, I was not able to successfully locate Simba, Samerah would think I was just as bad as the pet detective. Even under the best circumstances, locating a lost cat can be difficult. It was possible that Simba was someplace that Samerah could not find, even with my directions.

Samerah and I agreed to work together with the understanding that I could not guarantee Simba's return, but I would do my best.

When I communicated with Simba, he told me that he had been frightened away from Samerah's home by another cat. He wanted to return home, but he was afraid the other cat would attack him.

Simba showed me that he had crossed a street, he had come to a greenish beige home, he had seen a man with short and spiky hair, a bicycle and a dish of water.

I suggested Samerah go over the the area across her street and look for the house Simba described, but that Samerah be quiet instead of calling out for him.

Three days later, Samerah called me back with great news. She reported that she had found the house and the man with the spikey hair and the dish of water. Samerah and her sister took turns going over to the house while being quiet. Within two days, Samerah's sister saw Simba on a fence next to the house. Unfortunately, Simba got spooked and ran away. Samerah came back the next day and was able to coax Simba out of hiding.

Simba was skinnier after one month of not eating often, but a veterinarian checked Simba out and said he was fine.

Samerah of Union City, California writes:

"My whole family wants to thank you. I found him three days after talking to you. You were right about everything."

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