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Rivera, California cat escapes while recovering from surgery. Cat is found with help of animal commu

Carol of Rivera, California contacted me because she was very worried for the health and safety of her cat Wise. Wise was recovering from a surgery, but he somehow managed to jump out her window. Carol writes about her experience below:

"Hello Hilary,

I am happy to let you know I have found my cat! I spoke to you on Friday after my cat had been missing for over a week. I found my Cat Sunday morning.

The things you told me were so helpful in looking in the right direction for the Cat. You had told me he was in a beige house (which he was), that there was a hedge at that house (which there was in the front yard), that there was a side of the house where they used as a litter box (which there was, it looked like there was a lot of dirt and grass on side of house). You said there was a fluffy cat there (which there was), and that he sees a lady sitting in a chair with dark glasses reading (which there is a lady who sits in the front of her house and wears dark glasses in the day) I had remember seeing her during the day in the past. You said he was a couple blocks away (which he was).

I got up in the morning and remembered you said you told him I would be looking for him, so I before I started searching I went to my candle that had been lit, and asked the universe, the energy of the earth to help me find my cat, and I asked my cat to come out of the backyard to the front where I could see him. I drove around and went to that house where the lady sits, and in the driveway there was my Cat, sitting on top of the Car! OMG I couldn't believe it. I was so happy. I came home and went outside and lifted my arms to the sky, spun around and thanked the universe for bringing me and my cat together.

I am a true believer of your connection to pets and your ability to talk and hear them so they can find their way home.

Thank you so much, and I am grateful for your help."


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