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Missing Ohio foster cat located after six weeks with the help of volunteers and animal communicator.

Barbara of Cincinnati, Ohio fosters homeless cats until they can go to a forever home. She contacted me because Stan one of her foster cats had been missing for 10 days. Barbara and other volunteers had done everything they could think of to find Stan, but Barbara was not ready to give up yet.

When I communicated with Stan he showed me that he had been hanging out where a man wearing a baseball cap climbed a ladder to do work each day and there were also some places where another man had been digging in the ground. Stan was in a residential neighborhood that was not in the same area as the foster home but he had not traveled far.

It took Barbara a while to find Stan, but she did not give up easily. Barbara found the house with the work being done on the ladder and set up a motion detector camera.

As you can see from the photo of Stan above, Barbara found Stan and had to give him three baths just to get him clean.

Barbara of Cincinnati, Ohio writes:

"Hi Hilary. I want to let you know that Stan the cat is home! We trapped him on Saturday. I attached a few pictures of that happy day. He has needed 3 baths so far to get oil off his coat, but he’s doing very well.

Without your help, I could not have found him. I had placed about 700 flyers before I called you—10 days after he left. I had not placed flyers in the location you mentioned because I did not think he went in that direction. Once I did place flyers there, things started happening. We placed a camera at one house that saw him. I also placed flyers in the neighborhood and I made street signs. Last Tuesday we got a call from 2 people whose houses back up to each other. They were feeding him. I did not have a positive identification, but saw a similar cat on the camera we placed in their yard. We were hopeful. We then set traps in both yards and I have him on camera going right into the trap. I had called his name and placed articles of my clothing on the trap the previous day. The homeowner said that Stan came by to smell my clothing for 10 minutes.

In my last call with you, you mentioned that Stan was being fed by a man that wore a baseball cap and that there was a ladder in the yard and painting being done. When we pulled up to his house, Mike walked out wearing a baseball cap. He’s a painter and was working on their house. His partner was digging a pond. You had mentioned that there was digging happening at the house. They told us that Stan would sit in the back of the yard and watch them for hours.

As I predicted, Stan would not come to anyone, but once he came home and I opened the trap he ran to me and jumped on my lap purring.

The volunteers with my organization are celebrating his return tomorrow evening."

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