Los Angeles, California kitten rescued after being dumped on freeway with the help of police patrol officer, good samaritan and animal communicator.

April 19, 2017



Los Angeles, California kitten rescued after being dumped on freeway with the help of police patrol officer, good samaritan and animal communicator..


     This is a very dramatic cat rescue story that involves dangerous driving, a police officer and a dedicated animal rescue volunteer. 


     Lisa was driving down the very busy Los Angeles, California freeway South 110, cars driving all around her at 70 miles per hour, when she noticed a stranded kitten along the freeway shoulder.  Terrified for the kitten’s safety, Lisa managed to get over to the freeway shoulder and back up her car (which was quite difficult) and park near the kitten.  A police patrol officer stopped as well, but that scared the kitten. (See photo above.) The kitten backed up as they approached, jumped a short barrier and ran down a freeway onramp and disappeared.  Lisa went back to her car, drove to the next exit, turned around and headed back to the area under the onramp where the kitten was last seen.  Unfortunately, by the time Lisa was able to get back to the area, the kitten was nowhere to be seen.  Lisa continued to go back to the area for a week with no sightings of the kitten. 


     Lisa heard about my services from another cat rescue volunteer and called to see if I could help.


When I communicated with “Freeway Kitten” he told me that he was within a block of the onramp, in the back of an apartment building, near a parked bicycle, near a man with black short hair, near other cats, near a dumpster and near a large parking area. 


     Lisa found the man I described, his parked bicycle and the apartment building with many cats living outdoors.  It turned out that he was the manager of the apartment building where “Freeway Kitten” was hiding with other cats.  Unfortunately, the man told Lisa that he did not like all of the stray cats in the area.  The man hinted that he trapped the cats and dumped them elsewhere, or worse.


     Lisa was able to trap “Freeway Kitten” and a few of the other cats.  I feel that Lisa arrived just in time before the man trapped or even poisoned all of the cats.

“Freeway Kitten” now lives with Lisa and her other cats.  


     Lisa of Los Angeles, California writes:

     “I got him!  I don’t think I would have got him without your help.”


"Freeway Kitten" goes by the name of “Guy” now because he no longer a stray kitten.  He is leading "the good life" at Lisa's home.


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