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Murfreesboro, Tennessee Husky dog found.

Bryan of Murfreesboro, Tennessee contacted me because Sasha the Husky dog had gone missing. Bryan had sold Sasha to another family because Sasha did not get along with his Beagle dog. Unfortunately, Sasha took off and the busy family did not have time to search for her.

When Bryan called and told me the story, I was worried. Husky dogs are known to roam far and wide. What might seem like a long distance to a human, could just seem like a "short jog" to a Husky dog.

When I communicated with Sasha she showed me that she was near a golf course, near a gray concrete wall, near water and near metal rebar or metal wires. Sasha also remembered seeing men doing some kind of work on the golf course.

A search for a golf course on Google maps showed one about a two hour drive from Bryan's location. Bryan drove to the golf course, saw the men working, but, unfortunately, by that time Sasha had moved again.

Bryan left signs in the area and got a call two days later. A man had seen Sasha near another golf course, but this was a mini golf course that was very close to the first golf course. Bryan was able to find Sasha. She looked happy to see him. Bryan decided to keep Sasha and bought her back from the family.

Bryan of Murfreesboro, Tennessee writes:

"... I saw the golf course, gray wall, water, rebar and men working. I felt like what you said was spot on. I have a little bit of telepathic ability myself, but nothing like what you have."

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