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How Evie coaxed her missing semi-feral cat Woton out of hiding in Bend, Indiana. Babies and other ca

Evie of Bend, Indiana had rescued a semi-feral cat named Woton and brought him into her home. Woton spent a lot of time hiding under beds and other hidden places. When Evie's friend visited and brought another cat into the home, Woton went missing. The friend and the cat left but still, even after a week, Woton had not returned. Evie worried that Woton thought Evie had abandoned him and the Woton would never return. Evie felt really bad because she knew that Woton had a bad life to begin with and it did not seem fair that he should go through another hardship.

When I communicated with Woton, he shared that he actually had just gone to the house on the other side of Evie's house. He had actually been coming back late at night when it was really quiet, but he was afraid to come home for fear not just of the visiting cat but also because the visitor smelled like a human baby. I explained to Woton that the other cat and the baby was gone, but that was not enough for Woton. Woton showed me the smell of the other cat slightly lingered in the area and Woton was a fearful cat to begin with it was not his nature to approach for fear the other cat would attack him.

I spent some time talking to Evie about what she could do to get Woton to come out of hiding. She needed to show Woton that both the baby and the cat were gone for good. Two days later, Evie called me back with her success story. Woton had come home the night before.

Evie of Bend, Indiana writes:

"Woton came back last night! You are amazing."

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