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Scared dog in Antioch, California coaxed home with familiar scent markers

Tina of Antioch, California contacted me because her dog Pika had disappeared from her home. Tina losing hope of finding him. Pika had last been sighted running along a nearby street but that was three days prior.

When I communicated with Pika, he showed me that he was by a nearby apartment complex with a pool that had a shaded area with damp ground and low head clearance. Pika had been eating out of a nearby garbage can. There was an open area nearby with hills and trees. Pika shared that unfortunately, he had not heard Tina’s voice, but that he was a survivor and wanted to be found.

When I shared this with Tina, she was upset because she knew the apartment complex with the pool and the hills behind it, but had not been able to get inside the gated apartment area.

Tina managed to get in the complex that evening. She left some tiny pieces of her clothes as scent marker for Pika.

Tina reported that Pika came home the next day!

Tina of Antioch, California writes:

“I can't believe my own eyes, he is here! I am so happy. I woke up at 5 in the morning from my other dog barking and I heard crying. I opened up the front door and called his name and didn't hear/see anything. I went back to bed about to sleep then I heard the crying again. This time I opened the door and he ran inside. His fur is black underneath from dirt. It does look like he was hiding in a damp place with a lot of dirt. Maybe he heard me calling last night and followed the trail home I don’t know but I'm just soooo happy he is back. Thank you! This is like a dream come true. My whole family is playing with him right now.”

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