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Missing English Bulldog's Body Found in West Seneca, New York

Mary Ellen of West Seneca, New York contacted me when her English Bulldog Edgar Don had been missing for three days. Mary Ellen mentioned that Edgar Don had neurological issues and some symptoms of dementia. A search party had found no sight of Edgar Don and Mary Ellen was concerned for Edgar Don’s health.

When I communicated with Edgar Don he showed me that he was about two blocks from Mary Ellen’s home, next to a door of a gray home with a porch that was similar to the porch of Mary Ellen’s home and there was a blanket nearby. Edgar Don showed me he wanted to go inside, but he could go no further because he had a problem with his leg.

Mary Ellen called me back to know that they had found Edgar Don next to a gray home with a porch similar to the porch attached to Mary Ellen’s home. Edgar Don had a broken leg. Unfortunately, Edgar Don had crossed over into the spirit world. Mary Ellen had not thought Edgar would have been able to travel so far given his neurological condition so she had not looked as carefully two blocks from her home.

Mary Ellen of West Seneca, New York writes:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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