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Cat coaxed out of hiding in Providence, Rhode Island

Helary of Providence, Rhode Island contacted me because her cat Leonardo DiCatrio had gone missing while Helary was on vacation and Leonardo DiCatrio was staying at Helary’s uncle’s home. Leonardo DiCatrio had somehow snuck outside unnoticed. Because of the rural area of her uncle’s property, Helary feared for Leonardo’s safety with coyotes and other predators.

I feared the worst too. When I communicated with Leonardo, he shared that he was alive, but, hiding and too scared to approach strangers. He remembered traveling past a white home, seeing some plastic tarp and a wooden sign sticking out of the ground.

Helary was able to find the home and the sign; however it took some time to coax Leonardo out of hiding. Even though Leonardo was a normally people-friendly cat, his fear- based survival instincts had kicked in. Helary had to return to the area several times before she was able to get Leonardo to come forward.

Helary of Providence, Rhode Island writes:

"You have been totally correct about the area Leonardo DiCatrio is located, including the wooden sign."

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