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Closure. Missing Dog's Collar and Physical Remains Found in Nevada.

Bradley contacted me because his best friend and American Staffordshire Terrier mix dog companion Fern had gone missing during a hike outside of their small town in Nevada. Bradley had posted signs and several people reported seeing a dog that looked like Fern in town, not in the area where they had been hiking. Bradley thought there was a possibility that Fern could have gotten lost and returned to town in hopes of finding home or that she could still be outside of town or someone could have picked her up and taken her somewhere else. Bradley shared that his search area was large and he needed some help narrowing it down to a more manageable size.

When I communicated with Fern she shared with me that she had gone up ahead on the trail because she smelled a dead animal carcass in the distance. She had ended up near a large rock which created shade. Fern did not think she had gone about one mile. Unfortunately, Fern showed me that something suddenly either hit Fern from behind or jumped on her from behind while Fern was distracted with the smell of the dead animal. Fern showed me that she crossed over into the spirit world. Fern showed me that she would have returned to Bradley if she could.

It took some time and a lot of effort, but Bradley did find Fern’s collar, skull and severed spine in the area I described. Bradley told me all of the time and effort the search took were necessary or he never would have found closure. He would have always wondered what happened, if Fern was safe or if she was alone and suffering.

Bradley of Nevada writes: "I can`t express my gratitude adequately for all that you have done. You have been my only support, the only who understands."

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