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Durango, Colorado Missing Shiba Inu Dog Found.

Susi contacted me when her son-in-law's Shiba Inu dog Issa took off after a storm blew the door of their home open. Susi was worried because they live in a rural area and Issa could have traveled a long distance quickly.

When I communicated with Issa she shared with me that she had returned home several times and had seen the son-in-law who Issa described as having short, thick and spiky hair loading his light colored truck, but that that hearing the son-in-law yelling for her and scared her away again. Issa had interpreted the son-in-law's calling for her as a threatening alpha male gesture. Issa explained that she wanted to come home but, that she had

Issa is home! become hesitant and gone down buy a fence

near the road instead.

Susi confirmed that her son-in-law does have short, thick and spiky short hair, he had been calling for Issa and that he had been loading his light colored pick up truck just before Susi and I spoke on the phone.

Susi of Colorado writes:

“We found Issa! You were right! She was alive and fine just tired, thirsty and miles from our house. She may have known the way back but she wasn't on her way here in the slightest. She felt threatened by the way she was being called. And was headed the other way. Some kind young people found her on the highway at the bottom of the gulch that originates behind our house. They called the number on her tag, and we met them twenty minutes later. Happy ending! Thank you for your help. It gave me the courage to send her a peaceful message.”

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