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Beaverton, Oregon Frightened Foster Dog Found!

Claudia works for a non-profit animal rescue group in Beaverton, Oregon. The group placed Lola the shepard mix dog a forever home, but on arrival, Lola became frightened and bolted away. After a week had passed and no new leads, Claudia contacted me.

When I communicated with Lola she let me know she was by a dumpster, a convenience store, a chain link fence in an area with a lot of business buildings and that a homeless woman had been feeding Lola. Lola was lost and frightened and did not know her way home.

Claudia, co-director of a animal rescue group in Beaverton, Oregon writes:

"Your advice was invaluable. We located the people you described. We were so elated that she was still alive. Unfortunately, she fled that area before we could get her. She ended up about 2 miles north. No matter. We found her. You gave us such a boost of hope and fantastic leads. THANK YOU! I'm so thrilled to deliver this news to you.

Something tells me that we'll need your kind services in the future. It's been such a pleasure working with you.

All is so good today. Lola is safe."

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