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February 14, 2015


Susan of San Jose, California contacted me because her cat friend Pedro had disappeared on Saturday evening. Susan's intuition told her Pedro was trapped somewhere nearby, but after a two day search, Pedro was still missing. Susan took the day off work and called me.


When I communicated with Pedro he told me he was trapped in a gray outbuilding about two doors away. There was a medium sized dog that jumped up to greet his male owner. Pedro had crawled in a hole but now he could not get out. It was gray inside so some sunlight came inside. Pedro was frustrated because he had heard Susan calling for him, but he could not get out.


Susan knew exactly the place. There was a man who living two doors away from Susan who had trained his Golden Retriever to hug people as a greeting. Behind their home was a gray, unused outbuilding.


Susan rushed over, opened the door, and there was Pedro -- who greeted her with a happy cry. Susan found out later that the outbuilding had a mole population living inside and the owners had opened the windows on Saturday to air it out, but shut the windows again later that night.


The funny thing is that, after a few minutes, Pedro was ready to go out again for another adventure. Next time, Susan will know where to look when Pedro goes missing.


Susan of San Jose, California writes:

"I want to give you my sincerest thanks for rescuing Pedro as I am so grateful to have my little boy back! The two days of missing him, wondering if he's hurt, not knowing where else to look, wondering if I would ever find him, were devastating. You directed me to the exact spot where he was trapped in a neighbor's guest house and he was home safe within an hour of my initial contact with you. 

Thank you with all my heart for your amazing gift."




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