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Missing Foster Dog in Minnesota Found

Nonnie rescues dogs from puppy mills and other bad situations. Dogs rescued from puppy mills are often scared, unsocialized and fearful about coming when called by their new owners. Nonnie brought Jude the Japanese Chin home and Jude managed to get out of her well-fenced back yard. Nonnie contacted me after searching for 2 days because there had been no sightings or Jude. Nonnie was worried because the weather is very cold in Minnesota. If Jude never come out of hiding, he might freeze from exposure.

When I communicated with Jude, he told me he was hiding within a block of Nonnie’s house. Jude was next to a beige and white house that had a pet food dish and near a porch or deck.

Nonnie of Minnesota writes:

"You were spot on! We found Jude hiding near the beige and white house and pet food dish. We keep going back to that house and we found him the next day. You gave us hope! Thank you."

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