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El Reno, Oklahoma lost cat found with help of Pet Psychic

Erin of El Reno, Oklahoma contacted me because her cat Hissy had been missing for 8 days. Erin feared for the worst because Hissy normally stuck close to their yard. Erin decided to call a lost pet psychic, found my web site and decided to give it a try.

When I communicated with Hissy. He shared the good news! He showed me that he had been eating from a light colored cat's food dish about 3 blocks away. He also showed me that he was near a basketball hoop, a gray or beige building, a tarp that was covering an barbecue grill or large object, there was a gate made of vertical posts with bushes on one side. Hissy showed me he was planning on coming home, but he was still "lording it over" the light colored cat that he was eating out of that cat's food dish.

3 hours later, Erin called me to share that Hissy was home!

Erin shared that she found the basketball hoop and then was amazed to see all of the other things that Hissy had described including the tarp and gate. Erin cautiously walked around the area and called Hissy's name quietly, but then she left with the intention to come back later and look again when the neighborhood was quieter.

By the time Erin got home, her car unloaded and listened to her voice mails, Hissy was meowing at the back door! Erin remarked that it was like he wanted her to know that he could come and go from a door other than his usual pet door now.

Erin of El Reno, Oklahoma wrote in review of my lost pet psychic services, "This was the best money I have spent! I couldn't believe it."


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