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Dog Trapped in Swamp Rescued by Helicopter!

This dog's dramatic police rescue and how Hilary's psychic abilities helped locate him were featured in the New Jersey's "The Record" newspaper on December 4, 2008.

Foster the Pointer disappeared while on a walk in an 800 acre park. Five days later he was still missing. His owner Nicole Schenke was exhausted from trying to search such a vast area. Worse yet, Nicole did not even know if Foster was still in the park. He might have made it out to the surrounding neighborhoods and, in that case, all of Nicole’s legwork would have been in vain. Nicole wanted a clue to decide whether to keep searching in the park or out. That is when Nicole contacted me.

Foster shared with me he was trapped, it was wet around him, and there were some old tires and pallets that looked like they had been illegally dumped. Foster had not made it out of the park to the surrounding neighborhoods and he wanted to find Nicole as much as she wanted to find him.

Based on my description, Nicole's two friends Sue and Deidre began looking for pallets and tires near wet areas. They found the tires and pallets. Not far away, Foster was trapped in the middle of a swamp. Both women tried to wade in to save him, but became stuck themselves. Authorities were contacted and police with helicopters were able to airlift all three to safety.

Nicole Schenke of New Jersey writes:

"After days of searching he was finally found by two dedicated women who confirmed all that Hilary said. Without Hilary's help we would not have our dog back home. He had been outside stuck in a swamp in the cold for eight days with no shelter or food. If he had been out there for one more day we are convinced he would not have made it. We cannot thank Hillary enough giving us the best Christmas present we have ever received, our beloved Foster back."

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