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Understandably, the Coronavirus Covid 19 situation is causing many pet owners to have stress, anxiety and even panic about their future.  Cats, dogs, birds, horses and other pets are empathetic to their owners' stressed emotions.  The pet may wonder if he or she is the cause of the owner's anxiety or if the pet has done something wrong to cause the problem. 


Because pets do not understand the "big picture" of the cause of their human owners' stress, pets may simplify the problem and think they are to blame or that they are in danger.  If you notice your pet acting anxious or clingy or has increased aggression or territorial guarding or peeing outside the litter box or other new behavior issues, your pet may be picking up on your stress about the Coronavirus or home situation.


As a pet psychic who works with many lost pets and pets with behavior issues, I am often asked how pet owners help their pets understand that their owners do not blame the pet for their stressful situation.


The anxiety the pet experiences in a crisis situation is likely linked to their individual personality type.  Many pets, especially those with very strong alpha or submissive or even "baby" or "little prince" or "little princess" personality types believe that they are our family and therefore it is the pet's job to either protect their owners or be protected by their owners. The problem is that pets' brains can not separate out the difference from 1) something of global concern like the Coronavirus Covid 19 problem which is causing their owner's emotional stress or 2) something that the pet personally did wrong to cause the owner stress. 


In the mind of the alpha pet personality type, the owner's stress is all bad whether it is caused by a global problem or something that the alpha personality pet did personally.  Often the alpha personality type pet will think he or she is to blame for failure to protect the owner's territory or other personal failure. 


In the mind of the submissive and "baby" and "little prince" and "little princess" type pet personalities, the pet might worry that the owner is stressed out because the owner can no longer protect the pet and, thus, everyone in their family is vulnerable to harm. In the case of the submissive pet personality type who feel vulnerable often will become clingy, anxious, pee submissively or mark territory.

There are two things that you can do to help yourself and your pets during this difficult time:


* Number one is take a deep breath and realize that in this very moment you, your family and your pet are OK.  Take a look around your home and your pet and notice that right now nothing bad is happening.  For example, you might notice that you have a roof over your head and food to eat or that you have pets that care about you.  The more that you notice about the good things in your life, the less stressed that you will feel and, thus, the less stressed out your pet will feel. 

* Number two is to take a moment and praise your pet for doing a good job of being your friend and companion.  All pets like to hear praise from their owners. (Some a little bit more than others.) The more that you praise your pet for being a good friend and companion, the more likely your pet is to think that he or she is not in danger or have no need to protect themselves.

Just doing the two things above can go a long way to helping your pet feel safe, protected and loved.

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How pet owners can plan for Coronavirus Covid 19 emergencies.

* Identify someone who can care for pets in case you becomes ill.

* Make sure you have enough food and other supplies to care for your pet's needs.

* Have an identification collar for your pet.

* Have crates, food and extra supplies on hand in case you need to move your pet to another caregiver or location.

* Keep all animal vaccines up to date in the event boarding becomes necessary.

* Make a list of all of your pet's medications with dosages and directions. Including the prescription from your veterinarian is also helpful.

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