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Discover How This Dog Overcame His Fears


Louie is a stray dog that showed up outside Dianne's door. He looked thin and malnourished, but Dianne was determined to change all that. Despite the fact Dianne is a sweet and gentle person, Louie cringed and cowered when she came near and he was even worse with strangers. Dianne called a pet psychic medium because she needed help gaining Louie's trust and she wanted to be able to take him on walks and have him come when called. After talking with Louie, I discovered his fear of people stemmed from his previous owner who enjoyed watching dogfights and planned to use Louie for this purpose when he was full-grown. However, Louie had escaped one day and that is how he came to find Dianne.


Diane in Seattle, Washington writes:


"I really appreciate what Hilary did for my dog Louie. Hilary helped me change Louie from a fearful stray into dog everyone adores! People come into my store just to take Louie out for a walk! After finding out the cause of Louie's fears, she devised gentle confidence building exercises we could do together. What I really appreciated was finding out how his past experiences colored who he is today. I have a better appreciation of Louie and a better grasp of how I can help him grow."

Dog Fear of strangers, new people, anxiety

Louie can now go on a walk without a leash!

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